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The very application summary is entirely misleading. The Application proposal reads 'Provision of a surface water outfall pipe with trenching works and ground surface reinstated'. The proposed pipe will be at its highest level deeper than 3.5m. This is below the water table and so will be a ground water drainage pipe, not a surface water drainage pipe. This is a discgrace and for this reason alone the planning permission should not go ahead.

This area of land is known to be very saturated  and to have a high water table. The depth of the proposed  drainage pipe for the Little Polgarron at  Boobys Baywill start at the bottom layer of the house foundations which is at a depth of approximately 3.5m.  This is far below the water table level and so will consequenty be a constant outlet to drain the water table. The pipe will effectively end up as a sump for the entire local  water table and consequently will be constantly pumping out the a vast amount of water, water which naturally belongs in the ground acting as the water table. This amount of water flowing out onto the beach will have a huge affect on the local ecosystem.

It appears that this pipe is solely for the purpose of lowering the water table for the construction of the underground parking and swimming pool. This should in no way be allowed. It seems that this is a major error on behalf of the building constructors and planners. They did not take into account at the time of planning the high level of the water table and so this new application is a cover up of this fact and should be held in as high regard as did the original planning application. The property needs to be redisgned so that the water table can stay at its natural level.

All  discharge from property including toilets, showers, sinks and swimming pool will end up going through this pipe and onto the beach as the pipe is at a level deeper than that of the natural water table which is where the discharge will naturally end up. This will result to a degree in local pollution.

This ground water drainage pipe will have numerous negative impacts on the local area within many different contexts including local hydrogeology and ecosystems. It will also have a great effect on the local beach, the amount of outflow from the pipe due to its nature of being below the water table will have a great effect on the local beaches sand movement and rock pools. The local beach users will also be affected by the outflow of the pipe and also its disposition in the rockface: it will be considered unsightly in an area of outsanding natural beauty.Boobies bay is regarded one of the few beaches in Cornwall to  be left mostly untouched by development. This property can be redesigned in a much more understated fashion so as to have a lesser impact on the local environment. Installing this water table drainage pipe should not be considered an option.

If this application receives consent it will set a precedent for others to go ahead. This should not be allowed.

With all of these points in mind I urge you to decline the application.

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