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Stop the Humans

October 14th

Gather outside the Japanese Embassy
101-104 Piccadilly
London W1J 7JT

Between 12.00 PM and 2.00 PM

worldwide peaceful and lawful protest of the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan, as depicted in the the Academy Award winning documentary The Cove and the Animal Planet series Blood Dolphins. The Japanese government issues 23,000 permits annually to coastal communities to kill dolphins of several species. A few are sold, at great profit, to aquariums and swim-with-dolphins programs around the world. The captive dolphin industry subsidizes the slaughter. The majority of the pod is then slaughtered for meat. But the meat is contaminated with outrageous amounts of mercury and other pollutants, exceeding the Japanese government’s own health limits. This is a human rights issue as much as an animal welfare issue.

Demonstrations will be going on throughout the world in front of Japanese embassies and consulates on October 14th. Please join your fellow environmentalists and animal activists in protesting the hunts and urging Japan to switch to more sustainable and benign methods of profit, such as eco-tourism and dolphin-watching cruises (ironically becoming more popular in Japan every year).


Glasto should get Jean to headline if you ask me...

or Tangerine dream


'Heart Broken / WePulled You Out of the Sea'


I'm not sure if death does mean the end anymore but here's something I wrote about it at the time...


I'm totally blown away by David Scards barrel at the end of this vid... I 've surfed maybe once in 2 months... this is getting tough


I now have a website for my photography and other such stuff ... it'd be great if you went and took a look and if you feel so inclined to spread the love and tell others, please do so...

No surfing due to a heel injury leads me to other places... round the headland with Tom

'kneel' - 24"x16" ltd edition print of 76

i left a typewriter with a pad of paper for visitors to write messages below my work at at this weekends exhibition below are a few of the sheets...


showing new and old photography etc at St Merryn Village Hall this weekend, Sat Sun and Mon from 10am to 7pm.. swing by and say hi...

'sometimes' - 4"x6" original polaroid transfer with typewritten poetry

'jacob with alaia' - 24"x16" ltd edition print of 76

'dan with board' - 4"x6" original polaroid emulsion lift

p.s I've lost my phone


new website underway... online in a couple o' weeks



'short poem in a tree no. 2' ready for the framers - exhibiting new and old stuff in two weeks at the village hall among others in the annual summer art exhibition, 28th - 30th August


Without Thought is a project which came to fruition through an interview Dan Crockett and myself undertook with internationally respected and visionary thinker Dr Richard Moss. The interview was passed on to be complemented with film footage by Ollie Banks. The result is a twelve minute documentary exploring flow state and peak experience, perhaps the true motivation behind not only surfing, but many aspects of our conscious lives. The first 30 come with a numbered print via either Ollie, Dan or myself.




ancient experiments with mad light, homemade plastic lenses and multiple exposures on twisted film...


july, july!



Toms been making these rad short flicks


Right now, the International Whaling Commission is meeting in Morocco for a final vote on a proposal that would legalize commercial whale hunting for the first time in a generation.
The outcome rests on whose voices are heard most clearly in the final hours: the pro-whaling lobby -- or the world's people?