a recent image from the hubble space telescope. it's a detailed view of a stellar nursery. an area of space where stars are in their early stages formation. the universe, to me, is one of the most interesting places in the, er, omniverse.


kiki makes these fins in the java jungle using glass bottles for the template. i bought one off him back in 2007. a few days later the swell of the year hit. we were staying right down on the beach and the mega swell coupled with a full moon meant that waves were sweeping right into our pad. the sea threw a few things around and took a couple. including the fin. never got to surf it. i was back the next year and met kiki. kindly he offered me the above fin at a reduced rate and with a big grin. unfortunately i'd spent all my cash to get there. next time i'll make sure i got the spare funds. its pretty tripped out.


I have a vision of many things to come
a way to erase mistakes that previously have been done
and a time where man meets man without a glare but with a smile
stop brooding on old things, taste new ones for awhile
until we try how will we know?
how will we know until we try?
so let's say we give it a go
to find the world that we're looking for
so let the children grow, be what they wanna be
point them in the right direction to build their own reality
lies and deception, they can't tell what is real
walk with your feelings then shout how you feel
dig my utopia, flavor euphoria
all hands raised hallelujah, sing a little Gloria
because what is good? what is right? and who the fuck decides?
the places I see are through an individuals eyes

- Jim Lindberg


look's like they're making a movie about Rell Sunn. let's hope they don't over-cook it.


A short film I made for Anna at the end of summer.

funny that. what ever we do the planet will still be hanging around. dunno about you but i'm sticking to plan a.



how do we come to understand

for what is small and what is grand

of where we fit and how we stand

we, the centre of this land

the one compare we hold to know

the measure of man as we do grow

what's big is big, what's small is so

compare to us! all things we know

it's natural for any mind

to be the pole of all we find

but underneath our soulful glance

the height of wayward arrogance