early 8mm severson  short that Dad picked up back in the day... circa '60


Jamie Watson said...

This was the best way to have coffee this morning. My husband Jay and I were loving this. Severson is one of my personal heroes. Thanks John and your Dad!!

seamouse said...

Mate, this is SO good. Love the sound of the reel going too, really adds to the vibe.

organik said...

severson is a legend .
i`m blessed to see this video .

good blog .

see ya folks

ciro bicudo
a.k.a organik

Anonymous said...

Classic material - thanks for this
I love this site

hodaddy said...

love it too, wonder if eldo looks at it? (laughs) go surfing

John Eldridge said...

thanks people... wish i had more of this stuff but it's all i got

Starrfilms said...

I've got lots of films like that.. check out the blog i'm starting with only a partial list of my collection of rare surf films..